We support the best school in hire education.

Our Mission

We exist to provide the resources to Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) to ensure opportunity for all who wish to learn, and also champion workforce education. 

Our financial support of EGTC enables the school to keep its tuition rates one of the lowest in the state while providing cutting-edge education in growing industries. 

Our innovative work ensures students have the support they need to succeed — both inside and outside the classroom. As a result, EGTC students enjoy one of the highest completion (85%) and job placement (84%) rates in the state.

100% of EGTC students benefit from our support, which allows every student to graduate without student loan debt.

Our Vision

We're working toward a future where all adults can pursue post-secondary education leading to gainful employment.

Our Values

People and Technology: We help fund the teachers and technology that will best educate students in high-demand technical occupations so they can enter or re-enter the workforce.

Diversity: EGTC is one of Denver’s most diverse education institutions and home to the oldest and largest English Language Acquisition program in Colorado. Our students come from 94 countries and speak 72 languages. 

Maximum Impact: Though all EGTC students benefit from our support, we do our utmost to fairly assess each student's situation and commitment to achieve so we can provide additional assistance to those with the greatest need. 

We're dedicated to providing opportunity for all who wish to learn.


Our History

A true pioneer and warrior for adult education, Emily Griffith opened “Opportunity School” in Denver in 1916 to provide learning opportunities “for all who wish to learn.” 

Since its inception, Denver’s technical college has helped more than 2 million students achieve the American dream by providing hands-on training in growing industries. 

Each year, Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) — as it is known today — serves more than 7,500 students from around the world and offers 50+ basic education pathways, career certification training, and apprenticeship trades programs, most of which can be completed in less than one year. 

To fulfill the goal of helping students go from learning to earning as quickly as possible, EGTC provides hands-on learning through an on-site barbershop, salon, spa, deli, catering service, and coffee shop that are open to the public. The school also has on-site welding, auto mechanics, HVAC, and video production training. 

Sept. 9, 1916

Emily Griffith Opened the doors to "Opportunity School" - the first free adult vocational school in the country.


Emily Griffith retired and the school was renamed Emily Griffith Opportunity School. In 2011, the school became Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC).


Emily Griffith Foundation was started to help students graduate debt-free, after Denver Public Schools eliminated financial support of EGTC.


EGTC moves out of its historic building to expand to 3 new downtown campuses: a main campus, trades campus, and video campus.

What We've Achieved

  • $2.2B economic impact on the Denver region over the last decade

  • $62.3M annual economic impact on the Denver region

  • Every $1 invested in EGTC yields a $10 return

  • $5M+ in scholarships awarded since Emily Griffith Foundation's inception in 1990

  • 7,500 students served each year from 91 different countries and speaking 72 languages

  • 85% completion rate and 84% job placement rate

Annual Reports

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2018 Report

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2016 Report

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2014-2015 Report

A gift to Emily Griffith is a solid community investment.