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We're here to help you graduate without student loan debt and plug into the Emily Griffith community. 


Need help paying for tuition? Apply for a scholarship.


  • 360 Degree Fund: We realize that tuition assistance isn't always enough. We can help with childcare, rent, transportation, and other obstacles standing in the way of your success in the classroom. 
  • Entrepreneurial Training Program: This 6-week course will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to start your own business, including a business plan, cash-flow projections, market research, marketing strategies, and more. This program includes a scholarship to help you earn a certificate in your technical program of choice. 
  • Vocational Transitions: If you're a non-native English speaker, this program will help you improve your English fluency and prepare for classes at Emily Griffith Technical College. 
  • Dazbog Coffee at Emily Griffith: Learning English and need a job? Gain real-world job experience while improving your English and career readiness skills with our on-the-job training program. 

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