Lillian | GED Graduate

Lillian | GED Graduate

Originally from Nigeria, Lillian moved to Denver in 2016 and enrolled in our GED program with the goal of going on to complete our nursing programs.

Completing her GED wasn't easy, but Lillian is thankful for the encouragement and support our Student Success Center provided, including math tutoring.

Lillian passed her GED and is now preparing to apply to our CNA program!

"It has been my desire to succeed in life and I believe that having a good education is the foundation of good success," Lillian said.

"I would like to thank GED Instructor Laura and Emily Griffith for showing me the way and for providing me the opportunity to achieve one of my goals."

Lillian (at left) is pictured with her GED Instructor Laura.

Jay Wrathall | Geographic Information Systems Graduate

Jay Wrathall | Geographic Information Systems Graduate

For Jay (pictured at far left), coming back to school after 20 years was a daunting decision.

"I was really anxious about going back to school at 40 years old," Jay said.

But Jay decided to enroll in Emily Griffith’s GIS program after encouragement from friends and realizing that without additional education, he would continue to hit a wall in whatever industry he worked in.

As a single parent to a 12-year-old son, he needed a program that could fit into his schedule and he didn't have a lot of money to spend.

It became clear very quickly that Emily Griffith was the right choice for him.

"I get extra value for my money," Jay said.

Jay says the program has prepared him for new professional roles. "It helped me build my confidence; I know how to conduct myself professionally," he says. "I feel like I'm in a pretty good place."

Reuban | HVAC & Refrigeration Student

Reuban | HVAC & Refrigeration Student

A Commercial/Residential HVAC & Refrigeration student, Reuben will complete the program this month and is already filing the paperwork to start his own HVAC business!

Reuben enrolled at Emily Griffith after he was laid off from his job as a welder after his employer decided to close its Denver facility.

He chose Emily Griffith because the school understood his specific needs, particularly regarding childcare for his 7-year-old daughter. Reuben also appreciates the hands-on experience that he's received.

"Mr. G is excellent. One of the most patient teachers I've ever had," says Reuben. "He will sit and explain things to you; he knows how to translate the information."

Vince Guerrie, HVAC instructor, says of Rueben, "He's a natural leader. He always steps up to help. He's going to be very successful."

Rueben is looking forward to starting his own business with the new skills he has learned.

Adnan | Pharmacy Tech Student

Adnan | Pharmacy Tech Student

A Pharmacy Tech student, Adnan Aldhni, is a refugee from Syria who is in our CAREERS program, which helps refugees re-enter their career field.

In Syria, Adnan worked as a Pharmaceutical Representative and in medical sales for 7 years.

"One of the challenges I faced upon arriving [to Denver] was getting familiar with new words, new language, new environment, new expectations," explains Adnan. "I had had to figure out how to organize my life and my family and how to be successful in the U.S."

He adds, "It was a challenge to get a job. I got a job as a driver, but it wasn't in my field and I didn't make enough to pay my expenses."

After taking our English classes, Adnan began our Pharmacy Tech program. He plans to eventually study pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We are so inspired by our students like Adnan who overcome numerous challenges to achieve their goals and create a better life for their families!

Chansoth | Cosmetology Graduate

Chansoth | Cosmetology Graduate

Chansoth first moved to the US in 2009 from Cambodia and came to Emily Griffith to improve her English.

Chansoth worked her way through English classes and then began working on her certificate in Cosmetology.

She worked closely with our ELA and Career Services navigation team to plan and achieve her academic and career goals.

Chansoth plans to work in a salon to gain experience until she can open her own salon here and in Cambodia.

Chansoth encourages others to come study at Emily Griffith, "You are never too late to go to school and become who you want to be. If you work hard, you can accomplish all of your goals. Come study at Emily Griffith because the teachers are amazing and you will have a great experience."

Debbie | Accounting Student

Debbie | Accounting Student

"I felt like to go forward I needed a degree," Debbie said.

Debbie works full-time in purchasing and felt that studying accounting would help her progress.

But before she could start the Accounting program, Debbie had to get her GED so she took High School Equivalency prep classes at Emily Griffith.

"There was so much support and opportunity," Debbie said of Emily Griffith. "There's so much value for your money."

After she completes the Accounting program, Debbie is considering transferring her credits to help her earn an associate's or bachelor's degree.

Debbie said, "It's never too late to study and get a degree."