We realize every student's needs are different.

Our goal is for every student to graduate without student loan debt and secure gainful employment.

To that end, our programs are focused on keeping tuition rates as affordable as possible while insuring instruction, classroom equipment, and student supports remain exceptional. 

Whether paying rent for a single parent or providing 3D printers for manufacturing students, our work is driven by a passion for helping every student remove the obstacles to their success. 



We realize that students typically drop a program because of life circumstances such as lack of childcare, issues with transportation, or trouble paying rent and bills.

We found a solution in providing one-on-one support through a Student Navigator and limited, emergency financial stipends for costs outside of tuition and class materials.

Students may receive up to $500 for immediate assistance with crises that interfere with their schooling. They may apply for 360 Degree funds 3 times in a year before receiving financial counseling.

We have found that students who face hardships need additional support to increases retention, completion, licensure, and job placement rates. Our ultimate goal is for every students to graduate and get a good-paying job that will allow them to become self-sufficient and contributing members of their families and communities.

The 360 Degree Fund has successfully helped hundreds of students complete their programs, and the Fund has continued to grow. However, demand continually outstrips resources and there are always more students who could benefit than we are able to serve.

Support this unique program, and help students like Dianne Myles

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We're not currently able to support every student in need of additional support.  

Can you help?


High schoolers can pursue post-secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification while also completing their high school studies. 

School districts cover CTE tuition. But students are responsible for purchasing their own books and supplies.

These expenses can be a barrier for many students. 

Your gift helps us provide class materials for students who would otherwise not be able to gain CTE certification and employment skills while still in high school. 

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350+ students

participate each year.  


20+ HIgh Schools

partner with us each year. 


A $500 Gift

covers books, class materials, and supplies for 1 student.

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100% of STUDENTS

learn skills that make them employable.


Colorado currently ranks 49th in the nation in higher education funding, which means the cost of education weighs heavily on the student in the form of increased tuition. 

We raise funds for instructor salary and operational offsets, allowing Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) to keep tuition rates one of the lowest in the state while still providing a first-rate education. 

Thanks to our amazing instructors, our graduates enjoy an 81% job placement rate — one of the highest in the state!


Your gift helps students graduate without student loan debt!


Many of Emily Griffith Technical College's (EGTC) programs require frequent upgrades to classroom equipment, supplies, and technology to keep pace with industry evolutions. 

These essential upgrades can be costly, which is why we raise funds and pursue strategic partnerships to ensure students are properly equipped for today’s workforce and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Hands-on learning coupled with cutting-edge tools mean students have ample practice with the most current technology, equipment, and materials used in their industries.

The result? Our graduates enjoy one of the highest completion and job placement rates in the state! 

Strengthen your community.

An educated workforce means a better community for all. 

A gift to Emily Griffith is a proven community investment.