How Colorado Will Overcome Its Labor Shortage

By Jay Bouchard for 5280 February 2019 | Colorado has a problem: not enough skilled workers. The solution? Programs—including 2015’s WORK Act, which will dole out its fourth round of funding this year—that are readying today’s labor force for tomorrow’s challenges.


The problem: The Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Alliance estimates there will be up to 96,000 vacancies in the state’s construction workforce by 2025. That equates to less infrastructure to support our quickly growing population.

The solution: Associated General Contractors used about $1.7 million from the state’s WORK Act to launch Construction Careers Now, a series of courses taught by Emily Griffith Technical College professors. Since 2016, the sessions have introduced locals age 18 to 34 to building fundamentals, helping about 500 graduates land gigs in the industry.


Photo credit: 5280