Wells Fargo to Fund More than 100 Emergency Stipends for Emily Griffith Students

Wells Fargo Foundation has awarded $75,000 to Emily Griffith Foundation to continue its support of the innovative 360 Degree Fund at Emily Griffith Technical College for the 2018-2019 school year.

The 360 Degree Fund provides emergency stipends to students faced with unexpected non-academic expenses, such as childcare, emergency car repairs or medical bills, which might otherwise force the student to drop out of a program.

Dianne Myles, a single mother of two who had trouble making her rent while enrolled in Emily Griffith's Video Production and Editing program, illustrates how the 360 Degree Fund can be the difference between a student dropping out or succeeding. 

“When you decide that you’re going to leave your comfort and really go after your dreams, I think you’re going to need help along the way,” Myles told CBS4. “And the [360 Degree] Fund was beneficial in the fact that it was there in the two times that I really, really needed it I could access it."

Wells Fargo is a long-standing partner of Emily Griffith Foundation and this fund and continues to increases its support to help more students realize their educational dreams.

“We’re extremely grateful to Wells Fargo, and to their Foundation, for the continued support of this important program,” said Alby Segall, the President of Emily Griffith Foundation.

“Created in 2014, the 360 Degree Fund was the first of its kind and was created to offer financial assistance to students beyond basic tuition support. It allows students to have the freedom to study without the stress of choosing between continuing their education and dropping out in order to pick up additional shifts to make ends meet," said Segall.

Students who receive 360 Degree Fund stipends also receive guidance from a student navigator. As a result of this combination of financial assistance and emotional and social support, last year 86 percent of 360 Degree Fund recipients were placed in careers after graduation.

“The Emily Griffith Foundation does amazing work to empower students to reach their full potential,” said Pat Cortez, Community Relations Manager for Wells Fargo in Colorado.

She added, “Wells Fargo is honored to support an institution that creates a path for community members to obtain meaningful careers that are personally satisfying and allow them to have financially secure futures.”

For over a decade, Wells Fargo has supported Emily Griffith Foundation and Emily Griffith Technical College’s work to train Colorado residents and place them in high-demand middle-skill jobs. Through this support, Wells Fargo has shown a deep commitment to their philanthropic goal of creating innovative, sustainable solutions to meet local needs.