Dear Mr. President, Please Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“As tax cuts create new jobs, let us invest in workforce development and job training. Let us open great vocational schools so our future workers can learn a craft and realize their full potential.” — President Trump in the 2018 State of the Union Address

Mr. President, the state of vocational and technical schools in America is strong. More and more students are recognizing the value in learning skills that translate into sustainable career paths.

Right here in Denver, Colorado, the first adult vocational school in America — Emily Griffith Technical College — was founded in 1916. We've welcomed more than two million students over the last 101 years! 

May I suggest that instead of opening more vocational schools, the government increases what is today rather meager funding for “hire” education. There is something to be said for putting your money where your mouth is.

Workforce education today is a proven driver of middle class strength. Emily Griffith Technical College boasts an 84% job placement rate — and that isn't just words.

- Alby Segall, President of Emily Griffith Foundation

Photo Credit: Golden State Times