News from Emily Griffith: Help our students get to school!

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What if you woke up tomorrow and did not have a car? How would you get to work? Pick up your kids? Get your daughter to her doctor's appointment?

You might take public transportation. It is a little cumbersome, and it would take more time, but it would get you where you needed to go.

But what if the cost of public transportation was prohibitive? A local monthly pass from RTD currently costs $99 and if you live outside the downtown corridor, a regional pass costs $171. Each year, that is a $1,200 to $2,100 investment. 

If, like many Emily Griffith Technical College students, you were in school full time and still trying to make ends meet for yourself and your children, a $1,200 to $2,100 annual transportation bill would be an insurmountable hurdle.

And so you wouldn't go to school. And your life would not change.

Emily Griffith Foundation knows that transportation issues are a significant contributor to students not completing their programs. As part of our 360 Degree Program, the Foundation purchases RTD monthly passes and single ride ticket books and provides them to students at a massive discount: single ride tickets are FREE and monthly passes cost only $20.

Unfortunately, there is not enough money to meet the need. Each month, students line up before 7 am at the Emily Griffith Treasury Office in the hopes of being one of the few who receives a monthly pass when the Treasury Office opens at 9 am.

Last month, we sold out of bus passes in 15 minutes. The single ride tickets were gone in less than two weeks. 

These students are putting in everything they have to get an education that will change their life. You can help make that change possible by contributing to our 360 Degree Transportation fund.

Emily Griffith Foundation has partnered with Westerra Credit Union to help break down transportation barriers for EGTC students.