News from Emily Griffith: Eliminating Barriers to Success

Two years ago, Emily Griffith Foundation (EGF) piloted a program called 360 Degree Fund as a response to a frustrating reality: EGTC students who were happy with their programs and committed to a better and more rewarding future, were dropping out of programs.

They were leaving school because life happened: challenging circumstances that might be dismissed by some as an inconvenience or a minor obstacle (a car in need of repair; a moderate increase in rent; a change in child care arrangements) were insurmountable hurdles for students putting everything they had into their education.

The 360 Degree Fund provides students with cash stipends to address challenges and stay in the classroom. 

The pilot program was so wildly successful (100% retention of students receiving awards; 3.5 average GPA) that EGF expanded it and, earlier this year, rolled out a new program, the 360 Degree Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund provides instant cash awards of up to $100 for immediate and unexpected needs.

The two largest areas of need met by the 360 Fund and the 360 Emergency Fund are transportation and child care. 

Tisha Corbett, Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) Director of Student Services, has never before in her 12 years of working at EGTC seen any program with the kind of immediate, transformative impact that the 360 Degree program has had.

"For lack of $100, students were leaving programs that lead to $35,000-$70,000 a year jobs. It was heartbreaking," Tisha said.

"The 360 Degree program relieves students of the terrible choice between immediate need and long term success."

Help eliminate barriers for our students by donating to the 360 Degree Fund!

Transportation remains one of the largest barriers to program completion.

A $50 donation helps 2 students get to school!