News from Emily Griffith: Celebrating Emily Griffith's Birthday

On September 9, 1916, Emily Griffith's dream of opening a school "for all who wish to learn" became a reality.

On the first day of classes, Emily personally greeted each student at the front door.

She had hoped for 100-200 students, but more than 1,400 registered in the first week! By 1924, enrollment was up to 9,000 and the school had graduated more than 32,000 Denver residents. 

Enrollment numbers continued to increase, but Emily started to notice a pattern in students at the Opportunity School - most of them were coming to class hungry, without having eaten.

One evening, a boy fainted during class and Emily thought that if he were hungry, other students were likely experiencing the same.

Knowing that it's difficult to study on an empty stomach, Emily and her sister, Florence, began bringing pots of their mother's homemade soup to school every day to feed the students. Two hundred bowls of soup were served each evening, and Emily and Florence washed all the dishes themselves. Nobody who came to study at the school left hungry.

Here we are, more than 100 years later, still carrying on Emily's soup tradition: each year on February 9, EGTC culinary students prepare free soup and serve it to all students and staff. The celebration honors the rich history of the school and the birthday of the legendary founder of Denver’s iconic Opportunity School, Emily Griffith. 

This year, the Emily Griffith Foundation decided to take the tradition a step further. To show appreciation for some of our corporate partners, EGF staff delivered soup to 15 local industry leaders who help support programming and scholarships at EGTC.

There are many ways corporate partners and industry leaders can work with Emily Griffith Foundation and Technical College to help shape program curricula, recruit employees from EGTC programs, and strengthen Colorado's economy.

A huge thank you to Ready Foods Inc. for partnering with us to create pipelines for EGTC students to culinary careers.

Additionally, EGF would like to thank Ready Foods Inc. for their support of our culinary scholarships. 


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