Interstate Kitchen & Bar Has Big Taste and Big Heart

Some partnerships are sealed with a handshake, others with a signed contract. In the case of Emily Griffith Foundation and Interstate Kitchen & Bar, the deal was sealed over pork belly street tacos and the world’s greatest parsley salad dressing.

Restaurant owners Aaron and Andre Lobato share Emily Griffith Foundation’s commitment to community betterment. Aaron and Andre grew up in Colorado, helping their parents at their 14th Street Bar and Grill, which had a 22-year run in Boulder.

The duo opened Interstate in 2009 and have grown a loyal following, and not just because of Interstate’s amazing food. Interstate Kitchen & Bar is a neighborhood business, committed to the Santa Fe Arts District, the NEWSED Community Development Corporation, and the larger Denver community.

Emily Griffith Foundation is so grateful to Interstate Kitchen & Bar for their in-kind support of foundation activities. Interstate caters our meetings, hosts our events, and supports our fundraising outreach efforts. In 2016, Aaron and Andre also partnered with EGF on Colorado Gives Day, contributing 10% of a day’s profits to Emily Griffith Foundation!