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Work-ready & certified entry-level cooks

Recruit students who have completed our Culinary Quick Start certification and training program.
Our graduates are ready to launch culinary careers as entry-level line or prep cooks.

Why hire Culinary Quick Start graduates?

Our graduates are: ServSafe Certified | Passionate & Conscientious | Work-ready

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Where: Emily Griffith Technical College (1860 Lincoln St., 14th floor)

When: 5-7 pm (see dates on the pop-up menu below)

Price: $100/table

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We started using Culinary Quick Start because they were giving us candidates that were genuinely into cooking, cared about what they were doing, and were conscientious.

This is the future of Denver cooking.
— Frank Bonanno, Bonanno Concepts 
Culinary Quick Start has provided us with people that want to be in the field, that are passionate about what they are doing, and that come in with a level of skill to be able to walk right into our kitchen. 
— Chris Starkus, Chef at Urban Farmer
Being involved in the program has been a huge asset to my kitchen. It’s definitely needed. It’s been extremely stressful to keep culinary staff. 

— Chef Jacob Hofferber, Chef at El Camino Tavern
“Our experience has been fantastic. We’re so thankful for this program. It’s essential to where the city is now with all the restaurants opening up. 
— Andy Ganick, Owner of The Pig and the Spout