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Scholarships are available to supplement primary sources of payment for students' tuition and fees at Emily Griffith Technical College. We offer many scholarships based on program enrollment and financial need.

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Daniels Boundless Opportunity Scholarship
A bright young man who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 12-year-old Goshen and his brothers fled to Ethiopia after they were separated from their mother and siblings. There, Goshen volunteered as an interpreter in refugee camps before he found his way to the United States and the Emily Griffith Technical College. After completing the General Educational Development (GED) program, he continued his studies in the Video Production and Editing program. A fortunate recipient of the Calvin C. Walcott scholarship fund, Goshen believes in giving back. Currently, he volunteers as a guitarist and cameraman at his church; his long-term goal is to return to Africa to produce documentaries about child soldiers and the impact of war on the poorest populations of his home continent.
Kingdom Enlightenment Scholarship Foundation
Teresita, a 56-year-old single parent who loves flowers, plans to turn her passion into a career. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she studies floral design at the Emily Griffith Technical College where her mother enrolled over 30 years ago. After a series of tragic events including a brutal kidnapping and a vehicular assault, Teresita manages several physical challenges that limit her ability to continue in her established administrative career. A Walcott scholarship recipient, she develops the necessary skills and plans to pursue a career where she honors her mother’s legacy and creates beauty for others through floral design.
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Sturm Family Foundation Scholarships
After fleeing his Tibetian homeland 26 years ago, Yungdrung received his doctorate degree in Tibetan Philosophy in India. Today, he expands his education at Emily Griffith Technical College where he has been studying since 2011. He feels a deep appreciation for the dedicated teachers in the Language Learning Center. Though leaving his family was difficult, Yungdrung believes America is special place with rights and freedoms for all–a place where he explains he is happy to have the freedom to move and speak as he wishes. With the support of educational funding through the Kingdom Enlightenment Scholarship Foundation, Yungdrung plans to complete the GED program in the near future. Long term, he plans to serve the community by spreading the message about Tibetan culture and philosophies.
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Wells Fargo Business Scholarships
A recent barbering program graduate, 61-year-old Caretha knows she’s broken the mold: “I know it is a little late in life for me to start a new career, but I figure as long as I am half-way healthy and willing to learn something where I can be useful and someone can benefit from the skills and training I’ve received, then it’s all worth it,” she explains. Despite difficult injuries sustained in a car accident, Caretha turned a negative into a positive and embraced her passion for barbering at Emily Griffith Technical College. Prior to this, she found very little satisfaction in her work, but she always did what was necessary to raise her two children as a single mother. With a new lease on life through her studies, Caretha feels she is a better person for making this change; she finally has a chance to work in a role where she will find fulfillment. She describes her time at Emily Griffith Technical College as “a very positive move” in her life.
360 Degree Fund
“I can’t wait to get started!” Though he initially pursued a path for which he saw no future, Luis found his way at the Emily Griffith Technical College and eagerly anticipates his future. With several jobs under his belt, Luis realized that going back to school was the answer. He took the opportunity to train for a career where he could pursue his passion in the Automotive Technician program. Luis’ straight “A” average confirms his choice and the superior training from his professors made him more certain than ever that he made the right decision. “Ever since I was younger, I have enjoyed working on cars and figuring out what makes them run. This is a field that I am really passionate about, and I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me along the way.”