Technical College

egtcEmily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) has several academic colleges: the Colleges of Creative Arts and Design; Health Sciences & Administration; Trades, Industry and Professional Studies; and the Adult Education and Language Learning Center. The academic colleges offer nearly 30 certificate programs with an extensive curriculum including online and on-the-job learning experiences. EGTC has established a reputation for being one of the region’s most diverse learning environments and has assisted nearly 2 million students since its inception more than 100 years ago.

Adult Education and Language Learning Center

The Adult Education and Language Learning Center offers the city of Denver a hub for accelerating students toward developing English language skills, academic competencies, and higher order thinking skills that prepare them for post-secondary programs and inspiring careers.

The Language Learning Center: The Language Learning Center at Emily Griffith Technical College provides learner-centered programs that empower and encourage students to meet their individual language goals. Each year, more than 2,000 students from more than 94 countries study English at the Language Learning Center. The Center offers programs and classes to meet the needs of our diverse student population including: intensive pre-academic, Career Readiness English Language Acquisition, and bridge to post-secondary classes during the day and evening hours. Career pathway and academic navigation services also support students in accelerating their progress toward improving their career plans.

Adult Education: The Adult Education program supports students in taking the next step in their education. Whether supporting students working on their High School Equivalency exams (such as the GED, TASC, or HiSET) or providing instruction in fundamental reading and math skills necessary for entrance into an EGTC certificate program, this program is the place adult students can make substantial progress toward their career and education goals. Classes include direct instruction, group work, and discussion during the day, evening, and on Saturday.

GED Program

Emily Griffith Technical College offers General Educational Development (GED) classes and GED testing to help students who did not graduate from high school but wish to enroll in a college or university or obtain a job requiring a high school diploma or GED.

High School

Emily Griffith High School (EGHS) is an alternative school focused on retrieving students, 17 to 21, who left high school before earning a diploma. EGHS offers courses toward a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). The core classes meet Colorado state standards. The Denver Public Schools certifies the diplomas and the Colorado Department of Education accredits the school.

Continuing Education Division

Continuing Education classes offered at the Emily Griffith Technical College located include professional development and career training, corporate training, personal enrichment, and non-credit courses in career and technical education.

Online Courses

Online courses cover the same material as campus-based courses. Skilled teachers use online learning management systems (LMS), podcasting, and other technologies to build an online community of learners. Students engage in class discussions, assignments, projects, and deadlines as in campus-based courses.  Students can complete work any time of day or night.