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The Emily Griffith Circular – Volume 1, Issue 1

Check out the first issue of the Emily Griffith Circular, bringing you stories from students, staff, Alumni and Emily Griffith supporters.


Clock repair: Isn’t that a lost art?
In the era of the Apple Watch, many people might believe that old-fashioned clock repair has gone the way of the dinosaur. Quite the contrary, clock repair is alive and well at Emily Griffith Technical College, enrolling students ranging in age from age 23 to 94.
Mike Korn has taught clock repair for the past 11 years, and is turning over the reins to his former student, Ken Gfeller, and Ken’s protégé, John Howell. And therein lies a story.

About six years ago, John Howell dropped out of high school, and his parents had been evicted from their home near Fort Lupton. He wandered into the small town of Keenesburg, Colorado, having never been there before. He saw Ken Gfeller’s antique and clock repair store, A Step Back in Time, walked in, and asked for a job.

John had done extremely well in mechanical drawing and computer design classes in high school, and took to clock repair instantly. Ken taught John the basics, and realized that John had a remarkable ability to understand timepieces; being able,

for example, to take a long look at a clock from the 1800s that had a mechanical calendar function that accounted for leap years, and understand how it worked.

Ken said, “I taught him everything I knew,” but he wanted John to attend Emily Griffith’s classes, to gain his certificate. Mike Korn said, “John completed our certificate program in record time.”

Today, at any given time, Ken and John have from 25 to 40 clocks in their shop awaiting repair. They have worked on clocks from the 1700s, to modern […]

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