Generous Donation Provides State-of-the-art IT Resources and Classroom Equipment

Denver, CO  |  October 22, 2013 – With a value to the Emily Griffith Foundation of approximately $250,000, a contribution of 68 servers and network equipment was made by LogicTree LLC.  The donation of resources, spearheaded by Daniel J Frydenlund, “provides a complete server infrastructure upgrade for Emily Griffith”, says Chris Jones, Database Administrator and IT Manager at Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC).  “We are still going through this incredibly generous donation and are about half way there, but we already have storage, authentication, and hypervisors online and running,” he added.


When asked, “Why Emily Griffith?” Daniel J Frydenlund responded, “LogicTree is invested in the tech community of Denver.  We know that locally supporting the talent to address the growth currently being experienced in Denver is a great investment.  This is our way of contributing to increase the talent base.”  LogicTree, LLC provides multi-modal communication environments for public agencies to use as scalable solutions for delivering data to their customers. LogicTree, LLC’s MCP™ enables automated, two-way communication capabilities with channels that include Voice, Web, SMS, Email, Social Media, and Mobile Applications.


In addition to enhancing EGTC’s infrastructure, the servers provide a platform for student instruction at Emily Griffith Technical College.  Using virtualization, the College will provide enough horsepower for the Networking and Information Technology students who will be able to work with the latest operating systems that are the backbone of the IT industry. They won’t have to simulate.  They will be able to go in and do everything hands on, from beginning to end.


This donation helps EGTC students directly. If it weren’t for people like Daniel J Frydenlund and companies like LogicTree, costs would have to be passed on to the […]