Development Grant Creates Economic and Environmental Benefits in Denver

Denver, CO | July 2, 2103 – MillerCoors is partnering with Emily Griffith to reinforce its commitment to enhancing economic empowerment among Denver metro residents. The community commerce and partnerships group has contributed a significant amount to the Emily Griffith Foundation and Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) to support the Water Quality Management Technician program. EGTC has helped more than 1.6 million people go from learning to earning with its year-long programs.

“Enhancing economic empowerment in Denver is a priority for MillerCoors,” said Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, Community Commerce and Partnership Manager at MillerCoors. “We are certain that our partnership with Emily Griffith will ensure better access to jobs and a brighter future for the Denver community.”

MillerCoors believes in supporting economic empowerment by investing in education programs focused on industries with manpower needs. The brewery’s contribution to the Water Quality Management Technician program at EGTC will help to prepare students for entry-level positions in the water-utilities industry. In less than six months, EGTC prepares students for several different types of jobs with average starting salaries as high as $39,000.

EGTC provides debt-free higher-education options through financial-aid and Foundation support, and prides itself on high-quality technical education with one of the state’s highest completion and job-placement rates for post-secondary education. The contribution from MillerCoors will help to offset tuition costs and maintain a state-of-the-art, hands-on educational experience for the students.

This innovative partnership stems from MillerCoors long history of community support in Colorado, which dates to Adolph Coors opening the Golden Brewery in 1873. EGTC boasts a similar local story, one that starts on its first day of classes in 1916, when Emily Griffith personally greeted each student from an old […]