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    Gamel Scholarship Fund for Northeast Denver Providing Full Scholarships for GED and Emily Griffith Technical College Programs

Gamel Scholarship Fund for Northeast Denver Providing Full Scholarships for GED and Emily Griffith Technical College Programs

Residents of 80206, 80207, and 80216 are Encouraged to Apply

Click here to listen to an interview with Emily Griffith Technical College’s (EGTC) GED Coordinator. The Gamel Scholarship Fund for Northeast Denver covers the costs associated with GED preparation courses and/or GED testing fees as well as full ride scholarships to Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC).

The deadline to apply for this scholarship program is Monday, July 8, 2013. Contact Paul Loupe, GED Coordinator, at or 720-423-4754 for more information.

In a time when many students assume substantial debt to pursue an education, EGTC provides a debt-free option. The Emily Griffith Foundation (EGF) awards more than 350 scholarships each year thanks to the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individual donors, like Tom Gamel.

EGTC serves a diverse population of approximately 8,000 students through 500 course offerings, nationally accredited certifications, and apprenticeships in 13 trades. The goal is to progress from ‘learning to earning’ quickly. The college offers an extensive curriculum including more than 50 training certificates encompassing hundreds of courses. Courses are offered through some of the various departments:  Apprenticeship Training Division, College of Business and Technology, College of Design Industries, College of Health Sciences, and College of Trades and Industry. Students may transfer credits via a statewide transfer agreement with the Colorado Community College System to earn an Associate’s Degree of Applied Technology.

The school boasts one of the highest program completion and job placement rates in Colorado, with up to 100 percent placement for careers in demand.  Hands-on learning, the key to adult education, is offered via the on-site barbershop, salon, spa, deli and coffee shop open to the public.  Students benefit from on-site welding, auto mechanics, HVAC, video production and a new health-sciences program featuring […]

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    Emily Griffith Foundation Receives $10,000 Grant from Western Union Foundation

Emily Griffith Foundation Receives $10,000 Grant from Western Union Foundation

GED Program Preparation at Emily Griffith Technical College Funded to Create Educational and Employment Opportunities for the Community

DENVER, CO  |  — Emily Griffith Foundation (EGF) announces a $10,000 grant awarded by the Western Union Foundation to support the General Educational Development (GED) program at Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC).  The grant helps offset transition costs mandated by GED Testing Service.

Jeff Barratt, Executive Director of EGTC, states “GED prep and testing opens a door allowing individuals to further their educational experiences and is often the first step in a successful career!” EGTC provides courses in reading, math and language to over 400 students per year in preparation for the GED test or to improve overall skills.

The Western Union Foundation grant was made as part its Education for Better initiative, a three-year commitment to help meet global education goals. The grant awarded to the Emily Griffith Foundation stems from EGF’s commitment to grow young minds through strategic grants focused on secondary education and vocational training.

GED candidates at the college include adults seeking higher paying jobs or access to post-secondary education, and the average age of an adult program attendee is 26. In addition, a large population of refugees and immigrants progress to the GED program after developing language skills in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

In 2014, GED Testing Service will unveil a new assessment that ensures the GED testing program is no longer an endpoint for adults, but a springboard for more education, training, and better-paying jobs. As the GED requirements change, program infrastructure and tuition costs will increase. Alternative funding sources like the Western Union Foundation grant allow EGTC to subsidize the required tuition costs to update classroom resources. The college […]